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Creating a Credible Culture Essay

Nowadays if organization is willing to be successful and to respond quickly to changing demands, it should paid thorough attention to organizational cultures. Smart leaders and executives realize that greediness isn’t a bet of wealth and success as well as outward appearance of success shouldn’t be the substitute of achievement. Suzanne Bates claims that â€Å"when we allow spin to be used as a synonym of deception and when cutting ethical concern can pass for courage, leading the old-fashioned way somehow seems dreadfully dull†. (Bates 2003) Good name and respect of organization are rather vulnerable and, thus, organizational culture is of great importance. The most important thing for organization is the creating of atmosphere of trust. Place being respected for honesty and integrity is associated with good and skillful people working in it. (Bates 2003) Building credibility stars from the top and must be nurtured and cultivated constantly to achieve the desired outcomes. The first rule is to modify the behavior that will be promoted in future. If a company wants to perform honestly, it has to practice it from the very start. Therefore, employees should be thanked for honest feedbacks, even if feedback is a criticism. Bates recommends starting from building ethical culture, because leader always face ethical dilemmas and should be skillful enough to cope with competitive pressure. Actions should on the first place and only then words. For example, it is possible to set guiding rules for serving as ethical compass. The next moment is to lead by personal example and to improve communication process. (Bates 2003) Success is associated with honesty and sincerity. Organizational leaders spend lots of resources to maintain the outward appearance of success, though they lack the core principles of culture: honesty, openness, credibility and trustful policies. As Bates says, â€Å"a credible culture can be a magnet that draws people and talent to your organization†. (Bates 2003) Therefore, developing and motivating credible culture is a path to success. References Bates, Suzanne. (2003). Creating a Credible Culture. Nurse Leader, January-February, 37-38.

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Child Poverty in the UK Essay

Poverty means people are unable to live their lives to the minimum standard of the society in which they live. Inadequate income is the overall deciding factor of poverty when basic material needs cannot be met and people are excluded from taking part in their society because of this situation. Third world countries are the stereotypical places that people associate with poverty yet according to The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP, 2012) there are 3. 6 million children living in poverty in the UK today. That’s 27 per cent of children, or more than one in four. Therefore, the face of poverty is now a child from a heavily populated urban area in the UK, living in poor quality social housing, where local governments are operating on reduced budgets and wages for the employed aren’t sufficient enough to cover the rising costs of childcare. The effects of child poverty in the UK create a cycle of intergenerational poverty including poor health, low educational attainment and limited social mobility. Children need to be educated to a standard to enable them to gain employment, contribute to society and therefore eliminate the cost to our society. Barnardos (2012), states that the risk of children living in poverty is greatly dependent upon circumstance. The unemployed face benefit cuts resulting in low income; large families are at risk due to increased costs in providing for additional children and young parents just beginning in the world of employment will earn low salaries due to their age. Working families and lone parents deal with government cuts to tax credits; closures of Sure Start Centres and are living on the ‘bread line’ because the minimum wage is low and often they do not progress onto higher paid jobs or better prospects in employment. Children from poor families show low levels of educational attainment as supported by (End Child Poverty, 2012) where it is stated that â€Å"poverty predicts educational outcomes† and children from poor backgrounds do not perform as well academically or achieve the qualifications required to secure well-paid jobs. Therefore, the cycle of poverty remains unbroken, which is a result of intergenerational poverty. A restricted benefits system along with low paid jobs creates an economic inequality gap as suggested by (TED, 2011) which results in limited social mobility. According to The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC, 2012), children that have low educational attainment also become disadvantaged in other areas of their lives. This can be carried into adulthood limiting their employability and the opportunity for progression. Behavioural and psychological issues arise from educational failures and feelings of social inequality and personal failure can contribute towards on-going mental health problems. Therefore, it is apparent that child poverty increases health issues and costs to The National Health Service (NHS) spanning several years of a person’s life time. D Acheson (1998) draws attention to how poverty effects maternal health and increases low birth weights which are linked to disabilities, poor physical and emotional health in childhood and even deaths. This again is the result of the poverty cycle which creates a long term social cost as argued by Polly Toynbee (BBC Today, 2011) where the view is held that child poverty is creating a social deficit that is becoming harder to get out of. To stop this social deficit growing there are changes that need to be made by the government and by society as a whole to eradicate child poverty. As concluded in the research by D Hirsch, (2006) increased benefits and tax credits directed specifically towards poor families and extra payments for larger families are needed. Provisions for affordable child care will give incentives to work and enable parents to be able to afford to work. Looking longer term to solve the problem, emphasis is made upon educating the parents of tomorrow by supporting the disadvantaged in education now. The government’s commitment to end child poverty, (Child Poverty Act 2010) has, according to L Judge (2012, p. ) shown significant improvement in educational attainment and students staying on in further education as well as a decrease in income poverty, mental health issues and homelessness. There are many charities campaigning from different angles and in different problematic areas to end child poverty; for example, Barnardos (2012 ) are campaigning for a fairer and more accessible financial system through banks and post offices, since their investigation revealed that poor families are vulnerable to having to pay extortionate prices to purchase essential items they need via expensive rent-to-own schemes . Society must acknowledge and take responsibility for the snowballing effects of child poverty as it is partly to blame for its existence. Decisions in voting for government along with attitudes held by people within the UK can fuel child poverty’s growth or eradicate its existence. Just as poverty limits a child’s potential, this in the long term limits society and the economies chance to reach its full potential, thus affecting all inhabitants within the UK whether or not they are rich or poor. To ensure a healthy, positive, lucrative, secure and trusting future environment for all to live in, society today must care about the existence of the next generation and care about today’s children in their communities. In this day and age in a country considered rich within Europe, there should not be children going hungry, missing education or feeling the cold. Children are vulnerable and they have only adults to rely on to make the right decisions for them and to guide them. These are the reasons why we should care about Child Poverty in the UK because it is the responsibility and duty of society to care.

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Tell About the Time When You Gained Something Precious

It was cold that October morning in Elizabeth City, NC. I hardly slept at all the night before and 4a. m. had come very early. It didn’t matter; I had to be at the hospital at 6a. m. It was finally time for the world to meet baby Valarey and for baby Valarey to meet the world. It was time, time to have my precious baby. By 7a. m. I was hooked up to my IV. By 9a. m. the nurses had me hooked up to a fetal monitor that monitored my baby and my contractions. I was now stuck in this not so comfortable bed until after my baby was born. My labor had started on its own but my doctor decided to start a Pitocin drip to induce my labor and make it go a little faster. It was now 4p. m. and was time for the epidural. My husband almost passed out after watching the elongated needle go into the small of my back! It took everything in me to whisper â€Å"Something’s wrong† to the nurse. Everything went dark and I could hear a beeping noise that sounded like it was fading in the distance. I was dying, slowly slipping away from this world. When I finally regained consciousness I looked at my husband in dismay. The look on his face was complete trepidation. He told me that my blood pressure had plummeted and they had almost lost me. The nurse asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was ok. It seemed like I had been out for a very long time but my husband said it was only seconds. He said that the nurse had to inject me with some emergency medication to bring my blood pressure back to normal. It was now about 9p. m. and the nurse told me it was time to have my baby. It was pushing time! You could see the excitement is my husband’s face. I was just as excited! We were about to meet our second baby. To finally see what she looked like, to hear the sounds of here cries and to feel her soft skin. The pushing began but the doctor was not in the room yet. My knees were up to my ears and my chin was on my chest as I pushed with all my might, bearing down as hard as I could. After pushing really hard three times everyone in the room started to yell stop! Stop pushing! I thought something was wrong. The baby’s head was out. Her beautiful mystical blue eyes were fluttering like a butterflies wings. Soft, fine almost white, blonde hair and ivory fair skin was the first thing we saw of her. The doctor walked in the room all suited up and the pushing began again. After just a few more pushes our second baby girl was delivered. She was 8lbs even and 19 1/2in long. Valarey Joyce Hunter was born at 9:45p. m. on October 30th, 2001. She was the most beautiful and inestimable thing I had ever seen.

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Arguments of Definition Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Arguments of Definition - Assignment Example Yes. I was honestly surprised about that piece of information from the talk. I have always made an assumption that whatever information I was searching for online and the results I got as a result would be available exactly what anyone else searching would get as well. This is the reason the talk was not only important but provided revealing information that shocked me. This information about the filter bubble should be passed around to as many people as possible so that they can be keen on the search results they get from the first search and compare it to results of other searches as well. I was worried over Pariser’s information that the content being released in the internet is tailored which is very inconveniencing. If one can be searching for a particular topic and each and every piece of information about it but ends up getting the wrong information, irrelevant information as well as misplaced information, then one will start to really not trust the internet at all. It is supposed to not only connect people but keep them abreast at all times of everything taking place around the world. As a result of the filter bubbles, this reality is being taken away from the users. Privacy indeed matters as very few people would like to be seen at their weakest or most vulnerable moments. This is the reason according to Greenwald (2014) that most people as explained by the speaker prefer doing stuff in private than in the public eye. They lack the courage to be criticized or people to change their point of view about them hence the reason they hide in private. People should respect the privacy and not brand people as bad or good for it. Having taken the same experiment taken by Pariser’s student, I was shocked to realize that it is true. I tried it several times taking different screen shots and the results were still different each and every time. The most shocking of all research was the fact

Posthumanism cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Posthumanism cinema - Essay Example Still, these films backup the idea of posthumanism, which forces human beings to think about their future. Thesis statement: The compare and contrast study on the films X-Men and Blade Runner proves that both the films are based on the same theme, but differs in the portrayal of humans and aliens/cyborgs (special references to posthumanism/ transhumanism). Compare study: First of all, both the films support the idea of posthumanism, the idea that human intelligence/ knowledge should bring forth peaceful coexistence in nature. Pramod K. Nayar states that, â€Å"Posthumanism as a philosophical approach involves a rethinking of the very idea of subjectivity because it sees human subjectivity as an assemblance, co-evolving with machines and animals† (8). Besides, both the films are symbolic of the after-effect of human effort to go beyond the limits of post-humanist theory. In the film X-Men, humans and aliens/cyborgs are portrayed as different varieties within the same group of h uman beings. To be specific, alien/cyborg in the film is named as mutant, superior to human species. Similar to the film X-Men, the film Blade Runner portrays another type of cyborg called as replicant. To be specific, this replicant is symbolic of the technological innovation in future. In the first film, mutants are less in number and they possess certain supernatural skills. Most of the mutants are not aware of their supernatural skills that differentiate them from human beings. But in the second film, replicants are produced by an international corporation named as Tyrell Corporation. So one can see that the origin of replicants is not spontaneous, but linked with the development in the field of bioengineering. In the film X-Men, the mutants like Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier are aware of their importance as mutants. For instance, Magneto decides to add more human beings to their group and to gain control over human race. Similar to this, the replicants in the second film are aware of their power, enough to challenge and control human beings. In the first film, mutants named as Professor Charles Xavier differs with Magneto because he tries to create warm relationship with human beings. Joshua David Bellin states that, â€Å"As such, by the time the final battle between the X-Men and Magneto’s forces is waged, its suggestive backdrop-the Statue of Liberty-comes to seem no more than a prop or a set piece to enhance the spectacular qualities of a conventional, and tidily moralizing, scuffle between normal and freak†(199). This difference in opinion and its after-effect is the core aspect of the film. This film portrays the story of mutants, not human beings. So, one can see that the film X-Men deals with mutation and its after-effects on human beings and the mutants. Similar to this, the female replicant in the second film named as Rachael considers itself as a human being, not as a replicant. Besides, one can see that this replicant poss esses some human qualities and emotions. Basically, this film is based on the misunderstanding between replicants and human beings, and its after-effects. The director of the film X-Men makes use of the character Professor Charles Xavier and followers as his mouthpiece to convey his message to the viewers. Similar to this, the director of the second film makes of the character Rachael (say, a replicant) as a tool to prove that human beings are responsible for the problems faced by the living

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Criminal Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Criminal Law - Essay Example The evidence for these facts is that she has told the officer that she has been robbed and he was wearing dark t-shirt and white pants, which was a lie. According to 30 USC 941- sec 941 ,the lady will be fined for $ 1000 for false statement and she will be convicted and will be given imprisonment for not less than 1 year or both. The Second crime-The second evident crime in this scenario is that the man who was being stopped by the police officer Jones was a criminal. He also did not stopped at first call of the police officer which was a crime .The man was carrying drugs as cocaine was a serious drug and possession of it is against law.. The evidence for this claim is that the police officer found a bulge in the rear side of the person and on checking it was found to be cocaine and a cell phone hidden. As per (Find Law,2013) â€Å" Simple drug possession sentences tend to be the lightest, while intent to distribute drugs or the cultivation/manufacturing of drugs carry much heavier penalties†.According to section 844, the possession of drug is considered as a felony and the punishment can vary from small fine to imprisonment for years. It depends on the intensity of the crime. The third crime The third crime in this case is that the lady was abused by her husband. As a matter of fact physically abusing a person by another person is a criminal act. Especially, when the physical abuse is performed by the spouse then the act takes a serious criminal course.. An act of torturing and assaulting a woman is a serious criminal and legal issue and can cause legal action on the husband of the woman. According to (Madison,2013) â€Å"Felony domestic violence is a type of criminal charge. When a person is charged with domestic violence, it means he or she is accused of behaving violently toward family members or people who live with him or her†. The evidence for this instance is that upon investigation the lady revealed that she lied to protect her husband fr om arrest and she was abused by him. Under section 922(g)(20 The domestic violence is a felony and a federal crime and penalties to the bodily injury can apply and also the convict can be given imprisonment for 5 years. The Forth crimeThe forth crime is done by the police officer as he did mistake in identifying the robber and shot him instantaneously. This was a false action and a crime. A police officer does have a right to shoot but it cannot be in such cases where the culprit is almost at the reach of a police officer. The police officer cannot shoot a person or a culprit unless he is in a dire or a threatening situation. Here the culprit did not show any arm or weapon to the police officer jones so it is a crime from the police officer side to shoot the person immediately without a confined reason. According to (Olson,2013) ‘It is a mistake to   think because police are trained in firearm use, they are less likely to kill innocent bystanders†. The evidence for thi s fact that is that the person was shot on shoulder and was taken to hospital. According to The police officer will be given suspension for shooting the person without solid reason. The civil action -Here in this case the possible civil action that can be taken is to protect the health and life of the person who was shot by the police officer. Even though the person was a drug dealer and a criminal, the law authority has every right to protect his civil right which is protection of his life

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Accounting for Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Accounting for Manager - Essay Example If the management expects the revenue to be $700000, then it must not accept the proposal of the landlord as this will increase the annual rent payment to $45500 which is more than the fixed annual rent of $40000. The company can accept the order as this will result in a profit of $400000. This is because the fixed costs remain fixed irrespective of the size of production (National Council on Economic Education, n.d.; Mankiw, 2008, P274). If the order size is 12000 units, the company must not accept the offer as this will result in a loss of $492000. The company has to spend an additional amount of $900000 as fixed costs because of an increase in the total capacity. This is because the fixed costs increase with the increase in the total capacity of the business The maximum order size that the company can accept is 100000 units. This is because beyond this capacity the fixed cost of the company doubles. For producing even one unit beyond the total capacity the company has to incur the total amount of fixed expense as this cannot be adjusted with the number of units produced. The costs have been allocated as direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include the cost of materials and labor cost that can be directly related to the product whereas indirect costs are the costs that cannot be directly identified with the product. The costs relating to general services are apportioned based on sales volume and the costs of the computer department are allocated based on the use. From this the operational income of the Tree division has been calculated as $480000. The net investment of the division is $1600000. This gives a return of 30% on the investment. The performance evaluation can be done using Variance analysis, EVA and return earned on investment. To earn profits the business has to be managed efficiently. ROI is an important tool for evaluating the

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The negative influent that the American media has on the psyche of Essay

The negative influent that the American media has on the psyche of American teenagers in terms of violence amoung teens - Essay Example â€Å"An increasing number of public and private school administrators face situations involving serious violence perpetrated by and against adolescents. School officials are responding by adding violence prevention programs-often a commercially available ‘off-the-shelf’ package-to their schools already overcrowded curricula† (Posner,1998). There are many programs designed to fight the effects of media violence in the US on teens, and in other ways decrease violent behavior. These programs are distinct logarithms enforced by institutional and extra-institutional (sometimes political) interests, and they have not always been seen to be successful. In many cases, these programs are not specifically tailored towards the usually-small percentage of students who have problems with gang violence or are carrying weapons, and instead wind up cultivating student paranoia and negative involvement. Often, students are even profiled by these programs in terms of their style of dress or speech, and this may create a self-fulfilling prophecy in which students are seen to embrace the type of behavior attributed to them by gang violence prevention programs. Looking at media in the US and the relationship to youth violence, it has been stated that, â€Å"violence often results from a complex interaction of environmental, social, and psychological factors such as the learned behavior of responding to conflict with violence, the effects of drugs or alcohol, the presence of weapons, the absence of positive family relationships and adult supervision† (Posner, 1998). Not all of the reasons may be due to the media: many students who do not have positive family relationships and structured time under supervision during their hours away from school may see that by pursuing positive extracurricular activities that accentuate their futures rather than throwing their futures away by indulging in patterns of gang membership

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State and Local Government Corruption Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

State and Local Government Corruption - Essay Example A key focus involved troubling examples where organized crime has capitalized on the presence of municipal corruption. What constitutes corruption differs depending on the country or jurisdiction. Certain political funding practices that are legal in one place may be illegal in another (Political Corruption 2005). In some countries, police and prosecutors have broad discretion over whom to arrest and charge and the line between discretion and corruption can be difficult to draw, as in racial profiling. In countries with strong interest group politics, practices that could easily constitute corruption elsewhere are sometimes sanctified as official group preferences (Political Corruption 2005). Corruption is hard to minimize because it involves confidentiality and too often encounters public acceptance. Investigations have become hard and multifaceted. Investigators must conquer outdated attitudes in the midst of many truthful public officials and private citizens that whistle blowing is useless or even unsafe (Local Government 1992, pg. 7). ... 8). However, State legislation is no good if government officials in practice do not support it.Corruption is particularly widespread in the local government construction projects. Just recently, a major engineering firm that has given $3 million in campaign contributions over the past 25 years and New Jersey has decided it will no longer donate to politicians (Jackson 2005). The on-line database of the Election Law Enforcement Commission(ELEC) lists 1,205 contributions from the firm and its employees, worth nearly $3 million, since 1981 (Jackson 2005). The real total is larger, because ELEC's database does not include contributions to municipal candidates and committees or contributions to federal candidates, who have also benefited from Schoor DePalma's generosity (Jackson 2005). A search of the FEC's Web site, which tracks federal campaign contributions, turned up at least $150,000 in the past five years from the company (Jackson 2005). Schoor DePalma's contributions peaked in 200 3, when the ballot included candidates for all 120 seats in the New Jersey Legislature (Jackson 2005). Corruption such as this should be condemned. Such corruption erodes the institutional capacity of government as procedures are ignored, resources are siphoned off, and public offices are bought and sold. At the same time, corruption undermines the legitimacy of government and such democratic values as trust and tolerance (Political Corruption 2005). Corruption also lowers fulfillment with construction, environmental, or other rules, reduces the quality of government services and infrastructure, and increases budgetary pressures on

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Analysis of Punting a football(Biomechanics) Research Paper

Analysis of Punting a football(Biomechanics) - Research Paper Example Proper punting technique is achieved when a punter is able to kick the ball for as long and as high as he can (Guy & Sang, 2009). There are a number of biomechanical techniques for achieving proper form, which make reference to the way the ball is dropped into the kick, how the punter follows through with his leg motion, and how the punter steps into his kick. These principles are best described and illustrated by means of example, which will follow shortly. The necessity of proper punting technique may be broken into two categories: (a) the safety and health of the punter and (b) the strategic advantage of well-placed punts during a game. With respect to safety and health, bad form in any sport will lead to injury of the muscles, bones, and joints involved with the physical activity. Quadriceps strains, in particular, are associated with injuries in punters who kick without proper technique (Beatty, McIntosh, Savage, Orchard, & Landeo, 2007). Because of this risk, safety and health are primary concerns for coaches who try to train their players on the methodology of kicking. Secondly, with respect to strategic advantage, punting technique is situational to the conditions of the game (Guy & Sang, 2009). That is, technique should be adjusted depending on circumstances such as field position, probability of a strong return, probability of a win, and so on. With these realities in mind, there is no perfect (or ideal) form; however, biomech anical principles apply to generally proper form. In addition to proper technique being situational in terms of circumstances within the game, proper technique for punters is also situational based on the comfort and ability levels of the punter himself. An athlete should not strain himself to achieve form and technique of those with considerably more strength and flexibility. This is particularly important, especially even before the ball is

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Contemporary Issues in Food and Nutrition for Adolescents Essay Example for Free

Contemporary Issues in Food and Nutrition for Adolescents Essay Contemporary Issues in Food and Nutrition for Adolescents The importance of establishing health promoting practices during childhood and adolescence has long been recognized by nutritionists and other health professionals. The purpose of this paper is to investigate further the issues relating to adolescents diets and contributing factors. Contributing factors include the increase of fast food consumption, unconventional meal patterns and lack of exercise. During adolescence, the influences on eating habits are numerous. The growing independence of adolescents, increased participation in social life and a generally busy schedule of activities have a great impact on food intake. ? In the September 2007 issue of Health Promotion International, a survey of 18,486 secondary school students at 322 schools across all Australian states (except Western Australia) has found that a significant proportion of students fall short of current, national dietary and physical activity recommendations for teenagers. A new study suggests that as teens enter adulthood, they are more likely to skip meals, resulting in a very unconventional meal pattern. Breakfast is frequently neglected and omitted more often by teenagers as they enter high school as they see it as an unnecessary hassle. These diets are likely to be bizarre and unbalanced. Though appetite is great, meal times tend to be irregular due to pre-occupation with school, other social activities or even a part time job. Therefore snacking in between meals is common. Skipping breakfast, for example, can lead to greater levels of hunger later in the day, causing overeating, or the choosing of heavy foods that fill you up faster, but may lack nutritional values. For teenage girls, lunch is usually skipped as a way of controlling weight. As adolescents go through puberty, they are bound to feel more pressured by their peers about the shape and size of their body, sexual development, and their general appearance. Due to this pressure, they are more likely to be self-conscious, resulting in unstable diets. These diets are usually also caused by the increasing amount of junk food consumption. The increase in junk food consumption is an important factor in a teens diet. This could be due to the increased independence and responsibility for food preparation that adolescents face during this developmental transition. Fast food, such as McDonalds, is a quick, easy and tasty option for aging adolescents who may have a busy day-to-day schedule and who may be used to relying on parents to prepare their meals. Also published in the September issue of Health Promotion International, a survey indicates that secondary school students between the ages of 12 and 17 are consuming far too much junk food and not enough vegetables and fruit. The survey found that only 20% of students were meeting the daily requirement of four serves of vegetables while 39% were eating the recommended three daily serves of fruit. Our survey found consumption of unhealthy/non-core foods was high, with 46% of students having fast food meals at least twice a week, 51% eating snack foods four or more times per week, and 44% having high-energy drinks four or more times per week, states Dr Victoria White, from the Centre of Behavioural Research in Victoria. The survey findings also highlight the need for secondary students to spend more time being physically active and less time in front of the television and computer. The problem of childhood obesity has recently skyrocketed, mainly in the Western nations. Established in an online article on the website For Parents, By Parents, approximately 16-33% of children and teens are considered obese. While obesity is one of the easiest medical conditions to diagnosis, it can be one of the most difficult to treat. The same online article also states that poor diet and lack of exercise results in over 300,000 deaths every year. We found that only 14% of students engaged in recommended levels of physical activity and about 70% exceeded recommended levels of sedentary behaviour, Dr Victoria White once again states. Current recommendations state teenagers should do at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day and spend no more than 2 hours per day using electronic media for entertainment. Unhealthy weight increases during adolescence have been associated with fasting insulin, increased levels of cholesterol and risk factors for heart disease and systolic blood pressure in young adulthood. Since adolescent obesity is a significant predictor of overweight status in adulthood, it is important to identify dietary behaviours early on that are associated with unhealthy weight gain in order to create effective interventions. It has been investigated that the three of the largest factors in adolescents diets include their unconventional meal pattern, increasing of junk food consumption and lack of exercise. The increased snack food intake and lack of required exercise result in a very disproportioned and unbalanced diet, which eventually leads to other fatal diseases such as risk of heart failure. Therefore, adolescents diet should be observed carefully to avoid an unhealthy epidemic.

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A play that demonstrates the emptiness of the American dream Death of a Salesman Essay Example for Free

A play that demonstrates the emptiness of the American dream Death of a Salesman Essay A play that demonstrates the emptiness of the American dream. How far do you agree with this assessment of Death of a Salesman? It is evident from the first view of death of a salesman that there are definite, negative realities in the American dream. From writing this play, Miller has strongly illustrated that the American dream produces an image that human worth and values can be measured in financial terms. During 1940s America, capitalism and consumerism was at its strongest with the American dream acting as a predator to the unsuspicious, determined and success-hungry businessmen of America. Although some of these men prospered in creating a successful business and earned a lot of money, others failed and felt that their own small achievements were empty and insignificant. In the play, Willy (like other American salesmen) has focused his life and attention on achieving the American dream and being a successful role model to his sons. Willy, however, does not accomplish success and instead falls victim to capitalism. His main belief is that popularity leads to personal and business triumph, and materialistic items prove that he is well liked and loved by his friends and family. Even though Willy cannot afford expansive gifts, the American dream is based on materialising love and values and Willy does this when he buys Biff and Happy a punch bag branded with Gene Tunneys signature. Although at first this gift seems appreciated, rather than flatter and excite, materialism and brand names haunted Willy with debt and insecurity, yet he felt obliged to provide for his sons and determined to succeed in the American dream. Willy is a failure and his suicide attempts displayed an unproductive, exhausted man. He feels that what he does attain are empty achievements and his bad points and reasons for failure were obvious; such as instilling false values into his sons. It can be interpreted that, because Willy was ineffective, when he did achieve something, it was insignificant and empty; although some critics may feel that his lack of success may mean he put more pride in his minor accomplishments such as DIY around the house. This is shown when Willy is trying to impress his neighbour Charley by saying Did you see the ceiling I put in the living-room? Willy and Linda had only one payment left on their twenty five year mortgage before the house is their own, and Linda feels quite content and happy about this. But Willy is still unhappy, questioning the reason for owning the house in the first place: What point?. Owning the house is an empty accomplishment for Willy, even though it took so long to achieve. Work a lifetime to pay off a house. You finally own it, and theres nobody left to live in it. this alone demonstrates the emptiness of consumerism and the American dream. It is also illustrated that the American dream is an empty achievement when, at the beginning of the play, Happy and Biff are discussing their employment and future. At this point, Happy indicates that his managers success is empty, with him building a house that he cant enjoy once its finished. Happy states that he is generally achieving everything that he wanted, yet they are not important to him; they are empty accomplishments. He even questions the reason why he is working just as Willy questioned the point of the house, because all he is achieving from working is pointless and empty success. It could be argued that Miller is trying to pursue the idea that it is the process of success that is more important than success itself. This strongly questions American values, as many people follow the American dream which holds the belief that material items are more important and that they represent personal and business victory. However, Happy is successful personally to compensate for his empty achievements as a clerk. He seduces the fiancà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½es of his managers because he has an over-developed sense of competition Happy takes what he wants even though he apparently hates himself for it, indicating the use of the bad morals taught to the boys by Willy. This again could be construed as an purposeless success in the process of achieving the American dream. Another point of perspective is that the women, like materialistic items and commercialism, may produce status in the American social system, but they also produce stress and not necessarily happiness. Willy is in constant competition with his neighbour Charley, continuously aiming to be bigger than Uncle Charley and promising his sons this success. This point suggests that materialism and the American dream are more important than general well-being and human worth, and some critics feel that through this neighbourly competition, Miller is questioning the values of America as a whole. Willys mind and psychology also breakdown because of his obsession with the American dream, and his dreams become illusions. Eventually, Willy is fighting with illusions and reality and believes all he is worth is his insurance money, stressing the idea that the American dream is empty and human values can be measured economically. The irony of Linda declaring were free at the end of the play is both ironic and tragic as although she is now free of debt, the empty American dream the illuded both Willy and herself is still holding her and others ensnared. On the other hand, in contrast to Willy, Charley is successful and has a fulfilling career and achieved the American dream. Willy is very envious of Charley, so much so that his pride, jealousy and stubbornness prevents him from accepting a job off Charley, even when he is unemployed: I just cant work for you, Charley. Similarly, Howard, although cruel to Willy and fires him, is very successful. He has a happy, idealistic family life. He is able to afford materialistic goods, can provide for his family, is not overridden by debt and is generally fulfilled by his success and the American dream. Howard is very proud and boastful to have achieved the American dream and this is shown when he boasts his tape recorder to Willy, who is obviously resentful. Howards other material possessions appear to be unimportant compared to the tape recorder and are no longer required, showing Howard to be a rather wasteful person. This again implies that, in difference to Willy, Howard is extremely successful and is relishing in consumerism, finding the American dream very rewarding. However, another point of view could be that Howard, like Willy, finds the American dream empty as he is not enjoying what he has achieved, and is just replacing everything with a more modern or expensive model. In dissimilarity to Willy, Charley is a genuine, kind and caring neighbour, and is not at all in competition with Willy. Therefore, Charley values human worth and this suggests that American values are not concentrated mainly on accomplishment. Charley has not let the American dream influence his ideas of human worth and values, and he does not think that human life can be measured financially. He actually seems genuinely worried at Willys hints towards suicide and says to him nobodys worth nothing dead. Charley is realistic compared to Willy, who is idealistic and living in his own fantasy. Through his success, Charley sees Willys faults and reasons for his failure and tries to make Willy acknowledge this by constantly asking Willy, when are you going to grow up?. Charley recognises Willys fantasies are wrong and he tries to help him. This shows that the American dream has not diminished Charleys character as it has Willys and Charleys success mean she can help Willy financially. This can be interpreted as Charley using his satisfying achievements to help Willy. For Charley, his dream has become a reality not an illusion. Charley may have also become victim to capitalism but, in comparison to Willy, he is thriving off it whereas it is destroying Willy. He is content with his success and feels fulfilled by his achievements, suggesting that the play does not entirely demonstrate the emptiness of the American dream but the fulfilments also. Miller himself argues that the play is not entirely based on the faults of the American dream although it does question American values very powerfully. He strengthens his argument because, although Willy is defeated by the American dream, Charley is entirely successful without creating personal flaws from his dreams of success. Bernard, his son, is also a genuine (as well as successful) person; a complete difference from Willys sons. As a result, Death of a salesman almost perfectly depicts aspects of the American dream today. Our twenty first century ideals, dreams and illusions echo, even more so perhaps, the prosperous America of fifty years ago. It can be related to by people of our culture today as well as those from the 1940s, making the powerful reminders of the illusion focused on in Death of a Salesman completely relevant to our world. It is from this that I have come to the conclusion that, although Death of a Salesman subtly contains stories of success due to the American dream, this play is a textbook illustration of the emptiness of the American dream and consumerism; where failure and disappointment eats away at happiness and confidence, but success is, similarly, an empty accomplishment.

Exploring Networking Principles Components Computer Science Essay

Exploring Networking Principles Components Computer Science Essay It is a communications model that consumes the similar capabilities and can start a communication session.  This network definitely has no central server. Every computer makes its own functions and may share certain resources with 75 additional users on the network. The whole thing in the network are equal to peers which means they dont need a server role to play. Peer to peer network is easily to install and always set up in home environment as well as minor businesses. But every computer need to be conserved individually that can lead to undependability inside the network. The benefits or advantages and constraints of Peer to peer network. Benefits Constraints Easy installation and configuration on the network. The entire system is spread out and hardly to administer. Every information are shared through the peers network. Viruses can simply transmitted. One peer fail to function doesnt gives any effect to other network, therefore it is more consistent. Data recovery and backup is difficult therefore all computer that connects to this network must have its own backup system. User can control their public information which makes every user is the administration for their computer. Software is installed on each computer individually which takes up lots of time. Cost of building and maintain is cheap. Difficult to set up data structures as some private files maybe available to all the users. The Client Server Network It is a form of online network consist of of a single central computer performing as a server that leads to multiple other computers which is called clients. The clients can shared data saved on the computer. Moreover, the client server networks are the same generally to peer to peer networks but the difference is only the server that can start a particular transaction. The client server network can be applied into a single computer system, but then again is most commonly applied over many different sites. Therefore, it is likely for multiple computers to join and share information. Benefits Disadvantages There is centralized control which the servers help to administrate the whole set up. Access rights and resources sharing is done by the servers. Too many requests from clients will result in congestion which can lead to breaking down of servers. Every files is stored in the same place that makes it easily to search for. Client server is not strong therefore if one server is fail, the whole network cannot be function. If incase data is lost, it can be easily recovered efficiently which makes data easy to back up. To maintain the server and technical details of the network, they need professional network people. Server can play different roles for different clients. Expansive to setup and manage Security and access rights can be done during the set up of the server. How Star Tropology is different from the Ring and Bus topologies. Star tropology involve of a central nodes to which all other nodes are connected to central device called hub. The hub then will receives a signal that comes from any node and then passes it to all the other nodes in the network. While the data on a star network will be going through the hub, switch, or concentrator before proceed to its endpoint. This star topology will decreases the chance of network failure by linking all of the systems to a central node. When a building is wired with a star topology, faced cables radiate out from the center to intermediate connection point to wiring cables. This will lets sufficient connection point to be provided for one sub area, while providing flexibility in their allocation within that area. This is the advantages and disadvantages of using the Star topology. Advantages Disadvantages Easily to manage and locate the problems Always needs very long cable length when connecting many nodes More easier to expand If hub connector fails, nodes that is attached are not available. Easy to install and wire More expansive because cost of concentrators. Easy to detect faults and to remove parts Failure of one workstation does not affect the entire network The Ring network in every device will have just two neighbors for communication purposes. Every communications will go through a ring in the similar way. If there is failure in any cable or device, it will breakdown the loop and can take shutdown the whole network. To implement a ring network we use the Token Ring technology or small data packet, is always passed around the network. While a device wants to transmit, it reserves the token for the next following trip around, and at that point it will attach its data packet to it. The advantages and disadvantages of Ring topology is as follows: Advantages Disadvantages The capability to reach transmission rates of the order of 10 million bits per second The breakdown of a single node can affect all network to fail. More easily to accomplish. Changes or any movement made to the nodes will affects the performance of the whole network. Better communications over long distances. Finding fault is difficult. Handles high volume of traffic Isolation of fault is not easy. No central server which reduces the cost of creating the ring topology The Bus topology is the backbone to link all devices. A single cable, the backbone functions as a public communication that devices attach or tap into with an interface connector. The device that wants to connect with another device on the network will sends a transmission communication onto the wire that all other devices see, but only the intended receiver actually accepts and processes the communication. To keep the signal that is send to all computers, from bouncing back and forth along the cable, a terminator will be put at the end of the cable. Only one computer can send data at a time, so the many the computers, the slower the transmission will be. This bus topology is the most popular along the LANs because they are cheap and easy to install. This is the advantages and disadvantages of using Bus Topology: Advantages Disadvantages Cheap and simple Fault diagnosis is difficult Only need short cable length Fault isolation is hard because the entire segment of the bus must be disconnected to isolated the fault. Easy to expand the network Cable length is limited. No risks of data collision since one computer transmit at a time It can perform well only for a limited number of nodes. Perfect for one to many data transmission Signal on the cable are bidirectional hence reaches all the nodes Locating cable fault is easy Task 2: Evaluate the impact of current network technology, communication as standards. Task 3: Discuss the role of software and hardware components. Windows Server System Windows Server refers to every kind of server instance that is installed, operated and managed through the Windows Server family of operating systems. Windows Server shows and also offers the same capability, structures as well as operating mechanism of a normal server operating system and is created on the Windows NT architecture. Windows Server is usually capable of providing server-oriented services, for example the capability to host a website, user management, resource management across users and applications, messaging, security and authorization.  Windows Server software includes, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 8. How Windows Server System is different from Workstation System. Windows Server System device that make service for connected clients as part of client server architecture. Furthermore, it can be a computer system that has been selected to runs a specific server application . It can also serve applications to users on an intranet. A workstation could also contain special audio, video, or processing cards for distinct editing work. The Workstation is a personal computer that is used for high end applications such as graphic design, video editing, CAD, 3-D design, or other CPU and RAM intensive programs. Typically, it has a top of the line, fast processor, multiple hard drives, and a lot of RAM memory. A workstation is promoted by computer manufacturers to professional users, while the server is more of a usefulness device. The differences in function is that the servers save files such as  html, images, video and applications accessible online for the client computer to use. Several computers is allow to share applications or an internet connection. The function of a workstation is to complete high end applications for example, graphic design, video editing and many more. The Workstations are mainly to be used by one person at a time. Even though they can regularly be accessed remotely by other users when needed. But, the Servers work on the task of linking the user and generally will have no single user. The different between server operating system and workstation operating system. About the setup: Computer servers come using enough memory for maintenance anywhere from two to hundreds workstations as well as a hard drive have large space to store applications that are large enough to support the same. Workstations originated with plenty memory and hard drive space to support one system. The Applications One computer server will store internet capability, databases and intranet hosting that the other workstations will save the information. One computer workstation houses a portion of the application is create on the server enough to operate smaller projects. The Uses   The Servers will maintain banking, education, governmental and private home networking structures. While the workstations work on the information or data found in those structures. The Operating Systems   Servers can run off a Windows,  Linux  or Unix constructed by operating systems. On the other hand, the workstations characteristically run off the similar operating system with the server does. The Access   Individual network administrators, system administrators, or other system security personnel are acceptable to access to business servers. Workstation access is decided by the individual sources through network administrators. Task 4: Discuss server types and selection requirements. Database Server Database server refers to a server dedicated to provide database services. A database server normally can be seen in a client-server environment where it delivers information required by the client systems. Using a database server, every data of the organization is kept in one location. The Database server , a will client perform SQL requests to the database server. Moreover, in all theories of the Database server serves its own power to produces the request or search the requested result. The Database server some time also known as SQL engine. Every and each database functions are organized by the database server. Several type of computer can be used as database server. It could be microcomputer, minicomputer as well as mainframe computer. The mainframe computers are used as server in a large organizational businesses. The Database server manages the recovery security services of the Database Management System. It carry out the limitations that are specified inside the Database Management System. It controls as well as manages each clients that are connected to it. This will handle all database access and control functions. Several users can access the database at the same time. The whole data is stored on the data server therefore, the Database administrator can easily form the backup of the database. Database Software and Hardware requirements: The processor needs minimum of 2GHz or higher. The memory will have minimum of 1.5GB RAM but if for the best result users also can use the 2GB RAM. Disk space minimum of 2GB required for product package installation and the resources that users develop. The display must be 1024 x 786 display minimum using 256 colors or more for the better outcome. Use the Eclipse and JDK versions. This version of the product was developed for use with Eclipse 3.4.2, using the IBM ® JDK 1.6 SR 5. These versions are included with the product package. While considering a databases in the client-server model, the database server could be the back-end of the database application or could be the hardware computer that hosts the instance. Occasionally, it might referring to the mixture of both hardware and software. In mid-sized installation, the hardware database server normally host the server part of the software application that uses the database. This request will connect to the database through specific ports and use inter-process communication to log into as well as to access the data local in the database. However, in the large setups, there might be like one computer will be unable to handle the load the capacity of connections. A database software will exist in a dedicated computer, and the application on another. Web Server A Web  server  is a program that, using the  client server  model and the World Wide Webs Hypertext Transfer Protocol (  HTTP  ), serves the files that form Web pages to Web users. All the computer on the Internet that contains a Web site must have a Web server program. Two leading Web servers are  Apache  , the most widely-installed Web server, and Microsofts Internet Information Server (  IIS  ). Other Web servers include Novells Web Server for users of its NetWare  operating system and IBMs family of Lotus Domino servers, primarily for IBMsOS/390  and  AS/400  customers. Web servers usually arise as a part of a larger package of Internet- and intranet linked to software package for serving e-mail, downloading requests for File Transfer Protocol (  FTP  ) files, and building also publishing Web pages. Considerations in choosing a Web server include exactly how good it works with the operating system, its ability to handle server-side programming, security characteristics, and publishing, search engine, and site building tools that might come with it. Function of web server AddHeader Offer by the Web Server. ISAPI filters call this function to add an HTTP header to the outgoing response. AddResponseHeaders Offer also by the Web Server. ISAPI filters call this function to add a header to the HTTP response. AllocMem Offer by the Web Server. ISAPI filters call this function to allocate memory from the process heap to a buffer. GetExtensionVersion This function is called by the Web Server when the ISAPI extension is first loaded for the function name defined by the header. GetFilterVersion This function is the main entry-point function offer by the Web Server on your ISAPI filter, and must be present for the filter to work correctly. GetHeader Offer by the Web Server. ISAPI filters call this function to retrieve a header from the Web Server. GetServerVariable (ISAPI Extensions) This is an application-defined function. ISAPI extensions call this function to save information about an HTTP connection about the Windows Embedded CE Web Server itself. GetServerVariable (ISAPI Filters) This is an application-defined function. ISAPI filters call this function to save information about an HTTP connection or about the Windows Embedded CE Web Server. HttpExtensionProc This is an application-defined function. It is the core entry point for an ISAPI extension called by the Web Server. HttpFilterProc This function is called whenever a notification event for which the filter has registered (in GetFilterVersion) occurs. ReadClient This is an application-defined function. ISAPI extensions call this function to read data from the body of the clients HTTP request. ServerSupportFunction (ISAPI Extensions) This is offers by the Web Server. This callback function is supplied in the extension control block that is related with the current HTTP request. ServerSupportFunction (ISAPI Filters) This callback function is offers by the Web Server. ISAPI filters call this function to achieve a wide variety of tasks. Hardware and Software Apache HTTP Server This software is created under the Apache license, which makes it free and open source. Apache is accessible for a range of operating systems, including Unix, Linux, Novell Netware, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, and FreeBSD. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) This comes as an possible component of most Windows operating systems. IIS can be install by using  Add/Remove Windows Components  from  Add or Remove Programs  in the Control Panel. Sun Java System Web Server Based on the Sun One Web Server, the Sun Java System Web Server is designed for average to huge business applications. Sun Java System Web Server is available for most operating systems. File server A file server is a computer in charge for the essential storage as well as the management of data files and the computer on the similar network can view the files. It lets users to share the data without physically moving from one to another computer. Whichever computer can be organized to be a hos as well as to act as a file server. A program or instrument that allows the required processes for file allocation is also refer to a file server. File Server can be used to provide load-balancing between server and also can be used as a storage server to store important documents. Print devices also can be joined to a Print Server and then shared as a single printer. File Server Software Hardware. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise/ Datacenter Twisted pair 32bit / 1GB or better Ethernet cards Twisted pair switch with sufficient ports Cabling Ethernet level 5 or 6 twisted pair be centrally shared through a Print Server. The thing to consider in File server is when in a Windows ®Ã‚  environment, the file server must both be a member of the identical domain as the management server besides having a trust relationship with that domain.The management server must require complete reading or write access to the share. The user ID as well as the password that were used to install  IBM ®Director Server  have to be also exists on the file server. If not, the software uses have to runs from the management server. The share need to let read access to every managed systems that need to access the share. If the file-distribution server is organized as an FTP server, users can pick to use FTP when relocating packages from the management server to the share. Users also can allow null credentials to access the share so that they dont have to identify a user ID and password for every managed system or group that needs to access the share. In condition to users dont want null credentials, the user have to ins tall operating-system account on the file server. This account need to read access to the share and also to enter the user ID and password to arrange distribution preferences for managed systems. Task 5: Discuss the inter-dependence of workstation hardware with network components. Network Interface Card A Network Interface Card (NIC) is a device that lets computers to be combined together in a network, naturally a Local Area Network (LAN). Networked computers communicate with each other using a specific protocol for transferring data packets among the different machines or nodes. The network interface card acts as an translator, letting the machine to mutually send and obtain data on a LAN. Information Technology (IT) specialists frequently use these cards to setup wired or wireless networks. Function and Purpose of an NIC After building a LAN, a network interface card is set up in every single computer on the network and must use the same architecture such as Ethernet cards, Token Ring cards, or an alternate technology. An Ethernet network interface card is set up in an existing slot inside the computer, classically on the motherboard. The NIC allocates a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address to the machine, that is used to direct traffic amongst the computers on a network.  Network cards  as well change data starting at parallel format, used by computers, to a serial format necessary in data transfers and then back again to accept the data. Wired Networks A cards back plate structures a port that turns a data cable, such as an Ethernet cable, that runs from every NIC to a central hub or switch. The hub acts like a transmission, passing data among the computers through their MAC addresses as well as let them to share assets like printers and scanners. Furthermore, in a wired network, a cable actually joins each computer to each other or to a hub. Wireless Networks Wireless cards are installed like their wired counterparts, but rather than a port for a cable, the card features a small antenna. The NIC interconnects with a central wireless switch or hub via radio waves. Wireless LANs  are frequently suitable, but might have several limitations depending on the material a structure is made from. Choosing the Right NIC When purchasing components for a LAN, it is essential to ensure that the NICs and hub or switch have the similar abilities. The whole network must be either wired or wireless, except if components are specifically chosen that have both functionalities. In addition, different versions of hardware usually support new features plus greater data speeds than older tools. How a network without Network Interface Card Several NIC cards work with wired connections although others are wireless. Most NICs support either wired Ethernet or WiFi wireless standards. Ethernet NICs plug into the system bus of the PC and contain jacks for network cables, while WiFi NICs contain built-in transmitters . Without it, users cannot access to the internet at all because there is NIC connected around the area. There is no signal receiver to transmit data. Network switch A  network switch  is a device that manages the involvement of numerous computers or networks on the matching data connection. A network switch not include hubs or repeaters, as these devices do not consist of every type of logical processors. A network switch can support 10/100 Mbit/s or 10/100/1000 Mbit/s port transfer rates. It is likely to have numerous network switches operating at diverse speeds on the same network. On the other hand, this form of setup gives itself to bottlenecks and restricts the potential routes available for the flow of data. The network switch functions as the traffic management system within the network, directing data packets to the correct destination. These devices are used to link minor devices to the network as well as to make sure the full cost effectiveness and the ability to share properties. The characteristic to setup of a network switch is two computers, one printer, and a  wireless router. Every devices are connected to the network switch, and each item have to be clearly well-known and connection rules produced. When the setup is complete, every computer on the network, will use the similar printer. They also can transfer files to each other and anyone with a wireless card can access the network, print and transfer files. The network switch is intended to let the resources to be shared without decreasing performance. Network Cable Network cable is used to connect and transfer data among computers and a network. The best popular used types of network cable are the twisted pair, coaxial, Ethernet cross over, and fiber optic. The unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable is used in several Ethernet networks. Each pair of wires that is housed inside of the lining cable is twisted into some additional rotations to prevent interfering from new devices on the network. The arrangement of this type of cable increases its consistency as well as it helps to reduce network disasters. Coaxial cable, or coax, is a different common type of network cable. It has a copper conductor in its center and a plastic coating serves as an insulator among the center conductor and also a metal shield. The cable is then protected with a coating. The thicker the coating which less pliable affords extra shield. Ethernet crossover cable is used to connect a computer network made up of two or more computers. This kind of network cable rejects the need for network switches or routers. The cable also let the computers to be connected with their network adaptors, such as the network interface card (NIC). Fiber optic network cables are used for networks that extent large distance. This category of cabling has some layers of protecting coating. It also transmits light as opposed to electrical signals like other cables. Furthermore, fiber optic is as well transmits data at high speeds and is therefore used in large network environments. As wireless networks become more and more popular, network cable is becoming less necessary. Still, many systems, especially large scale systems, continue to rely on network cables.

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Daniel Urbina Mr. LaVigne English 101 (WC 1110) 4 October 2013 Symbolizing Savagery In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, symbolism is portrayed throughout the novel and impacts the story in such a way that it sculpts almost the entire theme. The boys who are stranded on the island come in contact with many unique elements that Golding uses to symbolize ideas or concepts. Each boy represents a specific element of society, and each object Golding presents throughout the novel also has particular importance to the novel. Through the use of symbols such as the beast, the pig's head, and even Piggy's specs, Golding demonstrates that humans, when liberated from society's rules and taboos, allow their natural capacity for evil to dominate their existence. One of the most important symbols in Lord of the Flies is the also what gives the novel its name, the pig head. Golding's description of the slaughtered animal head on a sharpened spear is very graphic and even frightening. The pig head is depicted as "dim-eyed, grinning faintly, blood blackening between the teeth," (Golding 137) and the obscenity is swarmed with a "black blob of flies" that "tickled under his nostrils" (Golding 138). As a result of this detailed, striking image, the reader becomes aware of the great evil and darkness on the island that the pig head represents. When Simon begins to converse with the seemingly inanimate, devil-like pig head, the source of that wickedness is revealed. Even though the conversation may be entirely a hallucination, Simon learns that the beast, which has long since frightened the other boys on the island, is not an external force. In fact, the head of the severed pig tells him, "Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt and k. .. ...d thump of living things," Piggy's specs are stolen, leaving him virtually blind (Golding 167). Meanwhile, Jack returns to Castle Rock, "trotting steadily, exulting in his achievement," as he has practically abandoned all ties to his previous civilized life (Golding 168). Although there are plenty of other allegories important to the book, the symbols that represent the most drastic changes are the beast, the pig head, and Piggy’s specs. The beast symbolizes the inborn savage nature within all of mankind, and shows that this evil will prevail no matter what. Piggy’s specs represent science, civilization, and order, but are destroyed due to the overpowering evil in the boys. Golding clearly uses the novel Lord of the Flies to project the unfortunate truth that evil is present within all of humanity, and if let loose, will destroy anything that tries to suppress it.

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Media Coverage of the China-Tibet Talks Essay -- Communications Politi

Media Coverage of the China-Tibet Talks For the past several decades, China has been trying to take over Tibet. During this conflict, the leaders of these two nations have been communicating with each other. Overall, talks have not been very successful, for conflicts still exist. The coverage of their communications by the media has been mixed. The level of objectivity and quality of content are not consistent. For detailed and unbiased information about China-Tibet talks, long articles from focused writers are better than reports from magazines and newspapers, which cover a wide range of news. While covering ongoing communications between China and Tibet, reporters for Newsweek in the U.S. are supposed to be as objective as possible. However, by reading the articles and reports that Newsweek present on this topic, it appears that the work is not as objective and complete as it should be. In one issue of the publication, a lengthy report about China took up a fair amount of space. One section, by Melinda Liu, relates to talks between China and Tibet, and how the U.S. acts as an intermediary contact. At first, the article talks about President Jiang Zemin and his attempts to make good relations with Tibet. The article begins, â€Å" When he visited the United States last year, President Jiang Zemin dismayed some of his own supporters with his clumsy handling of the Tibet issue† (Liu 39). Later on in the introduction, Liu says, â€Å" He compared the Chinese Army’s ‘emancipation’ of the serfs to Abraham Lincoln's abolition of slavery† (39). The rest of the article continues to bring up facts that build up against Jiang. Liu goes on to say, â€Å" As for Tibet, Jiang claims to have had ‘good relation s’ with the late Panchen Lama† (39). N... ...bias introduced since all the facts are laid out for them. Future coverage of the conflict will most likely continue in the same fashion it has been going on over the decades. Incorrect analyses will continue to occur. Nevertheless, by looking at all the reports that have been written, it appears that it will take a long time for Tibet and China to resolve their issues. Works Cited Grunfeld, A. Tom. The Making of Modern Tibet. London: Zed Books, 1987. Karmel, Solomon M. â€Å" Ethnic Tension and the Struggle for Order: China’s Policies in Tibet.† Pacific Affairs 68 (1995): 485-508. Online. JSTOR. 21 March 2005. Liu, Melinda. â€Å" Talking Past Each Other.† Newsweek 29 Jun. 1998: 39. Mirsky, Jonathan. â€Å" Beijing rules the mountains.† The Spectator 281 (1998): 24-25. Online. ProQuest. 21 March 2005. Snyder, Lisa. â€Å" China Ties.† Newsweek 20 Jul. 1998: 17.

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Employee Empowerment in Flat Organizations Essay -- Employment Custome

Employee Empowerment in Flat Organizations A flat organization is a culture of ownership and partnership, it is an organization that uses teams to increase efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility. The focus is on customer satisfaction, work is directly connected, to customer processes. Employees in a flat organization know the business, they have been delegated the power to think for the whole company. Flat organizations are giving lower management more responsibilities; they are expected to make more decisions to integral operations. Good decision-making is a balance between getting most of what we want with as little risk as possible. It means that we use the right processes that encourage participation while keeping the focus on the decisions at hand. Every organization has decisions that need to be made daily. Organizational performance is largely dependent upon the decision-making processes that a particular organization uses. Having good decision making skills allows us to make the decision with a degree of confidence and efficiency. Employees at all levels will be able to make decisions with greater confidence if they have processes. Processes provide clarity to think through the recommendation and the process to make coherent decisions. Processes improve our ability to think clearly and a company that adopts a common decision making process improves the outcome and efficiency of decisions made. A process will map out how to plan, frame and resea...

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Stock Market Gann

Fast Intraday – There are basically four solstice dates which Mr. Gann said are most important according to the sun based system. He also said, divide the year by octave and you will get the proof of all the natural activities happen across the year. He insisted to divide the year further by octave and you will get the proof of Human behaviors which is fluctuating throughout the year. The important dates are – 1- 21st March 2- 21st June 3- 22nd September 4- 21st December Now if we divide the year by octave we get following dates – 1- 5th May 2- 5th August – 8th November 4- 4th February Mr. Gann also said that â€Å"we use the squares of odd and even numbers to not only get the proof of markets but the cause also. † Here if we look into the Gann square of 9 diagrams we will understand that the natural squares of odd and even numbers happen to be on mid points of the four solstices. Meaning the squares of odd numbers coincidently are falling on the da te 4th February and squares of even numbers are falling on the date 5th August. The magic also lies in the mid points of the squares of odd and even numbers.The mid points do fall on yes you got it†¦ The mid point falls on 5th May and 8th November which are the outcomes of the division of year by octave. So we have a strong argument that the nature and even the Stock markets are influential under the Octave based system. Mr. Gann has said numerous times to use the 45 degree angle. Now the question arises of how he has derived this particular degree angle. The magic is the octave based system. The circle is the answer for everything in life. Take a small or big circle it has 360 degrees. Mr. Gann said that divide the circle by octave and you will get 45 degree angle.Here we are trying to connect the octave based circle with the natural year based on octave. Because from various writings Mr. Gann has said that 45 degree is important and the solstices are important to find any cha nge in undergoing trend. However, whatever he has written is in a veiled language so it is necessary to put it into actual implementation we have to decipher Mr. Gann’s writing. Considering Mr. Gann’s square of 9 structures the spiraling of numbers coincidently (any power behind this creation? ) falls on respective dates and degrees. E. g. the squares of Odd and even numbers exactly fall on the cardinal dates.Their mid point also happens to be on cardinal date. This seems to consist the hidden mathematical truth which needs to get decipher to know the exact movement of Stock Markets or any other tradable securities and commodities. Before going any further studying Mr. Gann we are about to take a ride of Gann Square of 9 as it is one of the most and foremost important structure to consider for day trading or intraday trading. Mr. Gann was consistently using and saying that the squares of Odd and Even numbers are important to decode the daily market movements. The magic also lies in the aligning of squares of Odd and even numbers.If you carefully observe the alignment of Odd and even number squares you will easily find out that they are exactly 180 degrees far from each other. E. g. the Square of 12 i. e. 144 and square of 13 i. e. 169 are exactly opposite or 180 degree far from each other. And their mid i. e. 156. 5 is exactly 90 degree far from 144 and 169. Now the question arises as to how we should put this information for actual trading of Stock Markets. Is there any fixed method we can use for intraday trading using the Gann Square of 9, then the answer is yes. However, there are certain rules to be follow while trading intraday using Gann Square of 9.Each date falling on the cardinal line is consist of a certain time period and hence is known as a time line. There are sixteen different time lines which have been created by dividing the year by octave and double octave. Now what to and how to use this time lines and different squares and num bers is the solution to the full proof plan of guessing or gauging the stock markets. The readers must accept the beauty of Square of 9 and should put to use for intraday purpose only. Because there are different techniques use for long and short term investments.

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Goverment Review

Goverment Review Questions: 1. A constitution is a document that creates the legal Framework for a government. 2. After the independence of Mexico Texas was politically a part of Mexico 3. Although many delegates to the 1875 convention were business professionals, farmers interest had an overwhelming influence. 4. Name the Texas constitution that allowed Blacks in Texas the right to vote – Radical Reconstruction 5. The constitution of the Republic of Texas was influenced by The U. S. Constitution 6. African Americans earned the right to vote in Texas with ratification of the 1869 constitution 7.Texas joined the Confederacy in 1861 8. The Republic of Texas was created in 1836 9. Under the Republic of Texas, slavery was legalized 10. The Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas was written under rule by the Mexican constitution of 1824 11. In order to legally secede from the United States, Texas would need 12. The Texas constitution differs from the U. S. Constitution in length and proc ess in choosing judges 13. In Texas, schools are governed at the municipal level. 14. Voting rights in Texas were originally limited by the use of Poll taxes 15.The Texas constitution has been amended 400 times, compared to 27 times for the U. S. Constitution. 16. Poll taxes, used in Texas until 1966, limited the voting rights of minorities 17. Elections of Texas governors and of board and commission members are staggered, leading to the 18. The Texas constitution can be described as being very detailed 19. Amendments to the Texas constitution with only a limited, local impact are voted on by all Texas citizens 20. The 1974 attempt to reform the Texas constitution was largely impeded by those wishing to gain independence 21.The traditionalistic and individualistic political subculture supported Conservative establishment. 22. The main lobbying opponent of the trial lawyers lobby has been the Texas Medical Association 23. Public interest groups are most likely to use funding pathway . 24. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has tended to use the courts pathway. 25. The Religious Right has come to direct the Republican Party and its political agenda in Texas in the last two decades. 26. Texas elected no governor to statewide office between 1874 and 1961. 27.According to one scholar, bifactionalism in Texas resulted in increased influence for interest groups 28. Define realignment. A major shift in political party support or identification that usually occurs around a critical election. 29. In 2002, the districts drawn by the Legislative Redistricting Board helped draw new districts that favored republicans 30. 45th governor of State of Texas Ann Richards 31. Methods that were used to limit voting rights for minorities in Texas Poll Taxes 32. The function of political action committees is to raise money 33.A campaign finance disclosure law passed in Texas in 1973 mandates limits on campaign 34. General Law Cities in Texas have fewer tha n Residents 35. The type of city government most based on the separation-of-powers principle is the mayor- council government 36. The operation of local governments in Texas is dictated by the legislature and the state constitution 37. General-law cities have fewer than 5,000 citizens and lack the power of legislation 38. The strong mayor form of municipal government in Texas more closely resembles Houston than city government. 9. The strong mayor form of government, though common elsewhere in the U. S. , is only found in what major city in Texas? Houston 40. The city commission form of municipal government reflects its origins in its Fragmented executive 41. Municipal elections in Texas are overwhelmingly nonpartisan 42. City governments rely on regressive taxes for funding. 43. Cities often finance projects through the use of voter-approved sales tax increase 44. What are General Obligation bonds? Government bonds used to finance construction projects.The bonds, which required vot er approval, are repaid with taxes revenues. 45. Judicial activities in counties are carried out primarily by the county courts- at- law 46. In smaller counties, the primary law enforcement duties are carried out by the sheriff 47. The county official responsible for receiving and disbursing county funds is the county treasurer 48. The primary source of funding for councils of government in Texas is Regressive taxes 49. Define Spoke Annexation- the ability cities to expand their boundaries 50. Texas cities can annex an area up to 10% of their territory in a given year.

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Commandant Reflection Paper

COMMANDANT REFLECTION PAPER (CRP) â€Å" Reflection, in the context of learning, is a generic term for those intellectual and affective activities which individuals engage to explore their experiences, in order to lead to new understandings and appreciations. It may take place in isolation or in association with others† Boud, Keogh & Walker, 1985, p19. INTRODUCTION 1. The 15-week Command and Staff Course (Executive) at Goh Keng Swee Command and Staff College exposes officers with myriad of learning opportunities in professional military education and training.Correspondingly, the different modules conducted throughout the course serve as touch points for officers to reflect on their personal learning and development journey. 2. Consequently, officers need to dedicate time to journal their reflections at each juncture of the course not just for record purpose but more so to gauge their progress in professional and personal development and growth. OBJECTIVE 3.The objective o f the Commandant Reflection Paper (CRP) is for the officers to take ownership to reflect, journal and share on their professional and personal learning, development and growth throughout the 15-week Command and Staff course (Executive). REFLECTION TITLE 4. The reflection is titled â€Å"Are you ready to Lead? † 5. In your reflection, you should consider the following questions: a. Referring to the CSC(E) Graduate word picture (See Figure 1), how has attending the GKS CSC prepared you to Lead? What aspects of the course have developed and prepared you for your future roles in the SAF? b.How much do you think you have developed in both the professional and personal competence? Figure 1 Organisation Knowledge Comprehend changes and trends in strategic environment Adaptive to organisational challenges that arises Military Technology Adept at applying military technology in developing innovative operational concepts and capabilities and fully appreciate the impact of future techno logy trends and developments Military Operations Comprehend military operations in a Joint environment Decision Making Competently arrive at timely decisions based on systemic analysis of the relevant context, factors and values Life-Long LearningInspire to life-long learning Develop self awareness & personal mastery CSC(E) Graduate Word Picture c. Apart from the course curriculum, what else have you learned and developed in this journey that you feel will better prepare and serve you in the years ahead? d. What would be your leadership and values philosophy? and e. What other aspects do you think are needed to further prepare you to Lead? DELIVERABLES 6. Officers are to journal and share their reflections at the end of the course at syndicate and course level.Insights gleaned from syndicate and course levels sharing will help to further strengthen individual CRP. 7. Details on the paper are listed below : a. Word Count. 2000 – 2500 words. b. Presentation and Submission. (i)End of Course. Officers are to share your reflections in relation to the CRP title at the end of the course at Syndicate level on 22 Nov (Thu) from 0830 to 1020 hrs and at Course Level from 1030 to 1220 hrs. (ii)Submission of Paper. Officers are to submit the paper, both in hard and soft copies, by 23 Nov 2012 (Fri) 0830 hrs. c.Officers are strongly encouraged to develop the habit to pen down reflections regularly such as at a daily or weekly basis, or after each lesson, sub-module or module to chart your reflection paper. Mapping your reflections as a frame is a suggested method as you could build on the frame going through the course. CONCLUSION The CRP serves as a self-reflection on how each officer has developed and grown during the CSC(E) journey, in preparation to lead. Officers should also capitalise on this process and internalise it as a culture of reflection in the course of their military career and beyond. Prepared By : LTC Terence Goh

Descriptive Paper About Memphis

â€Å"THE CITY OF MEMPHIS† The city of Memphis is located in the western corner of the state of Tennessee, and the county seat of Shelby County. Memphis is the biggest city in Tennessee, and the third largest in the United States. The residents of Memphis are referred to as â€Å"Memphians†, and the Memphis region is known as the â€Å"Mid-South†. Downtown Memphis sits along the banks of the Mississippi River. Several large parks are scattered throughout the city, the most popular one is called the Overton Park. Also located in downtown Memphis is the Mud Island Monorail. It is used to transport people from the streets of downtown, across the Mississippi river to Mud Island Park, which is a park that sits in the middle of the Mississippi river and is completely surrounded by water. Memphis has humid subtropical climate. The summer weather is so hot that sometimes it’s hard to catch your breath, it gets very unbearable. The fall and spring are very nice weather wise. The winters are cold but not as cold as Iowa. During the winter it may snow just enough to cover the grounds. Many musicians grew up in and around Memphis. These included such musical greats as Elvis Presley, Three 6 Mafia, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Waters, Carl Perkins, W. C. Handy, B. B. King, and many more. Memphis is full of talent, It is known for everything such as singing, dancing, acting, raping, writers and athletes. Memphis has one of the nicest Triple A baseball stadiums in the country. Memphis is also known for its cultural events. The largest celebration the city has is Memphis In May. The month long series of events promotes Memphis’ heritage. The four main events are the Beale Street Music Festival, International Week, The Sunset symphony, and The World Championship Barbecue Cooking contest, which is the largest pork barbecue cooking contest in the world. In April there is an event in downtown Memphis called Africa In April. Africa in April as a three-day long festival with vendor’s markets, fashion showcases, blues showcases, and international diversity parade. The festival was designed to celebrate the arts, history, culture, and diversity of the African diaspora. Memphis is such a large city that it is broken down into small areas such as South Memphis, Whitehaven, Westwood, Orange Mound, North Memphis, and East Memphis just to name a few. Memphis is a very exciting place to live. There is always something to do or some were to go.

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A Case Study Of The Coca Cola Company Business Essay

A Case Study Of The Coca Cola Company Business Essay Abstract Thi paper contains a comprehensive analysis of The Coca-Cola Company and addresses several Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources issues. Recommendations are proposed based on the problems that were discovered during the study. The goals of the recommendations are to address uncertainty with The Coca cola Companies suppliers and distributors, and also align company decision-making with the structure of the organization. Contents DECLARATION i COPYRIGHT ii Abstract iii Contents iv List of Abbreviations v Definition of terms: vi List of Tables and Figures: vii Appendices: viii CHAPTER ONE 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION. 1 1.0. Organizational Background 1 Mission, Vision HYPERLINK â€Å"#__RefHeading__107929_754499052†³&HYPERLINK â€Å"#__RefHeading__107929_754499052† Values 1 Why is our role Important 4 Organization structure 4 Organisation culture 5 Appendices a b BIBLIOGRAPHY c List of Abbreviations Definition of terms: List of Tables and Figur es: Appendices: CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION. Organizational Background This was called Atlanta Begining (1886-1892). It was 1886, and in New York Harbor, workers were constructing the Statue of Liberty. Eight hundred miles away, another great American symbol was about to be unveiled. Like many people who change history, John Pemberton, an Atlanta pharmacist, was inspired by simple curiosity. One afternoon, he stirred up a fragrant, caramel-colored liquid and, when it was done, he carried it a few doors down to Jacobs’ Pharmacy. Here, the mixture was combined with carbonated water and sampled by customers who all agreed — this new drink was something special. So Jacobs’ Pharmacy put it on sale for five cents a glass.    Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, named the mixture Coca-Cola ®, and wrote it out in his distinct script. To this day, Coca-Cola is written the same way. In the first year, Pemberton sold just 9 glasses of Coca-Cola a day.    A century later, The Coca-Cola Company has produced more than 10 billion gallons of syrup. Unfortunately for Pemberton, he died in 1888 without realizing the success of the beverage he had created.    Over the course of three years, 1888-1891, Atlanta businessman Asa Griggs Candler secured rights to the business for a total of about $2,300. Candler would become the Company’s first president, and the first to bring real vision to the business and the brand. (The Coca cola company website) Its popularity would not stay within the United States for long, though, because in the year of 1906, Coca Cola was bottled in Cuba and in Panama. Bottling operations were soon started in Hawaii the next year, then in the Phillipines, France, Belgium, Bermuda, Colombia, the Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Haiti, and Burma in later years. By the year of 1940, the famous soft drink was bottled in forty countries. Advertising for the cola has included many product slogans includ ing, â€Å"The Pause That Refreshes†, which was used in 1929, â€Å"Have A Coke And A Smile,† which was used in 1979, and â€Å"Always Coca Cola† which was used in 1993 when sales from this soft drink exceeded ten billion cases worldwide. ( Mission, Vision & Values The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. That’s what our 2020 Vision is all about. It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a â€Å"Roadmap† for winning together with our bottling partners.

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Field work project with comparision between Buddhism and Christianity Essay

Field work project with comparision between Buddhism and Christianity - Essay Example are closely to the Ten Commandments which have set out law for centuries: for Jews in the time of Moses, then later for disciples of Christ, and even for Christians today (Huston Smith, 1991). The Five Moral Precepts include the refraining of murder, thievery, sexual misconduct, lying, and the consumption of intoxicants. Similarly, the Ten Commandments call for abstention of killing, stealing, adultery, as well as dishonesty. Although the Ten Commandments consist of more than these immoral actions, these aspects of Christianity and Buddhism were designed based on similar beliefs. Spiritual commonalities that exist between Buddhism and Christianity are the maintaining of religions documents and teachings, the support and trust which its followers place in the individuals who promote these teachings, as well as the central belief in a perfect redeemer. At the heart of Christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ, the Messiah, Son of God, the Savior. For Buddhists, this savior is Buddha. Both religions also place a great deal of trust in documents, as well as the people who preach its contents. Buddhists rely on a set of teachings known as the Dharma. This is similar to Christian Scriptures, the Bible, which plays an important role in the Christian faith. Finally, the Buddhists who teach the Dharma, and the history of the faith are known as the monastic community. This community is found in Christianity as well, in the form of convents and seminaries where priests and nuns reside. Lastly, another similarity between Buddhism and Christianity is their shared belief in suffering and its original cause. Buddhists believe that suffering exists and that there is no escaping that reality (Huston Smith, 1991). The First Noble Truth explains the Buddhist belief on suffering. The Buddha identifies all major transitions in life as experiences of suffering. Birth, aging, sickness, and death produce pain for the one undergoing the change. Christians have a similar way of looking

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Media, Stereotypes & the Perpetuation of Racism in Canada Essay

Media, Stereotypes & the Perpetuation of Racism in Canada - Essay Example The media – print as well as television is one of the most powerful sources of mass communication in today’s times, and its accessibility and vast outreach has further added to its sheer power to influence the ‘minds of the masses’. The issues portrayed by the media are almost invariably regarded as ‘truthful’ and assumed to be accurate by the audiences, which lends even more power in the hands of those who control it. The media, world over, has recently attracted severe criticism for the negative portrayal of critical events, and especially for irresponsible reporting by hiding the facts and reality and sensationalizing the news through willful and deliberate misrepresentation of issues which can have a strong negative influence on those who consume such blatant lies. One of its several outcomes is the perpetuation of racism, on account of the negative portrayal or racial stereotyping of the ethnic minorities. This paper critically examines the portrayal of minority communities by the Canadian media, explores the manner in which they are represented – i.e. misrepresented or underrepresented in the media, and its ultimate impact on the masses, culminating of such news into a negative image of members of such groups, there by attracting harsh and often discriminatory behavior towards them by the dominant groups. This study is an attempt to study the highly complex relationship between the minority communities and their gross misrepresentation by the Canadian media, the role of the media in shaping national identities and influencing peaceful or destructive inter racial relations and / or harmony depending on the media representations. â€Å"Racisim is prejudice or discrimination against other people because of their race or because of what is thought to be their race (their biology or ancestry or physical appearance). It involves the assumption that peoples birth or biology

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Morphsuits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Morphsuits - Essay Example The founders of the company include two brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton, and Gregor Lawson who was their flatmate. The founders of the company lived in Edinburgh, the headquarters of the company, Scotland and this innovation would have phenomenal growth in the country and across the world. The three seized the opportunity in what can be described as an entrepreneurial move and started the production of morphsuits from their apartment (BBC News, 2014). The entrepreneurial characteristic that is important in innovations and development relates to the identification of an opportunity and its maximum utilization as the three founder members did with the introduction of morphsuits. The idea stemming from the party and the dress code of their friend who was prominent at the party getting a lot of attention, being bought drinks and taking numerous pictures spurred the theme behind morphsuits. The three founders took the opportunity and made an investment of one thousand dollars each while ensuring improvement to the bodysuit. The improvement to the morphsuits that distinguished it from the body suit was the provision of better vision. Two additional characteristics are exhibited in the development of morphsuits with the first one being taking of risks in terms of investments. Innovations are done on the projection of positive results in the future, but so are the chances of failure and hence innovations have to be accompanied by an incr eased level of risk acceptance. Innovations are possible when people are risk takers as opposed to being risk averse. The second element visible from the morphsuits example touches on the improvement in quality or an identified aspect of an existing product or idea. The morphsuits designed by the three founders cover the whole body and come in different varieties of designs to suit the expectations of consumers. The name morphsuits might be assumed ambiguous, but on the