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Assignment4 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Assignment4 - Assignment ExampleGerman composers and their pieces were also numerous they were be by Ruhe, meine seele, Ach weh mir ungluckhaftem man and Heimliche Aufforderung by Richard Strauss. Several pieces by Tosti added Italian passion to the concert they were represented by A Vucchella, Non Tamo Piu, Ideale, Lalba Separa Dalla Luce Lombra and Marechiare. One piece in Spanish by Pablo Sarozabal added some temper to the performance. Rare Maori and Samoa languages were represented by a couple of folk songs followed by the nice guitar accompaniment.C. I was an attentive listener during the concert. premiere of all, I know that I had to write the concert report after it, so I gruelling on singing to provide more comprehensive analysis of the performance. Second of all, the concert was engaging because Pati glum to be a very pleasant and funny young singer who could easily attract solicitude of people and make them laugh. All pieces listed in the program were new for me. I was familiar with other compositions by Liszt and Strauss, but they were instrumental.D. The whole concert was aimed at revealing the power and beauty of Patis voice. His tenor was salient as well as his singing techniques. It was easy to indentify that the voice belonged to a young man repayable to the fact that it was very pure. The piano performed the main accompaniment. A couple of folk songs were followed by the guitar. In fact, they would never sound better with any other instrument.E. Generally, I liked all the pieces included in the concert. However, I recollected some of them after the concert considering the best ones. For instance, Ruhe, meine seele by Strauss was very sad and tender piece. It had some knightly elements in both lyrics and music. Enigmatic sound combined with the tenor of the singer resulted in high note performance which was difficult to dislike.The

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Business research analysis Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business analytic thinking - Research Paper ExampleMean is 68 for location. As for the topics, 69 is the basal. Again, the connote for timing of events is 43. The pass away part, which is the domestics reason part, resulted to 18 mean. The regular passing for location is 47 Whereas, the standard deviation for topics is 46%. The standard deviation resulted to 50% for timing of an events. The last part is the standard deviation of 38% for domestic reasons.The descriptive statistics will show that minimum for interested in the subject, networking opportunity, personal development, paid and master key development is zero. The mean for interested in the subject is 54. The mean for the networking opportunity is 74. The mean for the personal development is 25. The mean for the professional development is 64%. The standard deviation for interested in the subject is 50%. The standard deviation for networking opportunity is 44%. The standard deviation for personal development 43%. The standard deviation for professional development is 64%.Regarding the question how useful is the assemblage, 32.3 said the conference was very useful. therefore 38% of the existence said that they were quite useful. The next group stated that the seminar was not very useful.Regarding the opinions on the conferences, 8.3% of the 300 existence said that the conferences were too formal. ... The mean for the professional development is 64%. The standard deviation for interested in the subject is 50%. The standard deviation for networking opportunity is 44%. The standard deviation for personal development 43%. The standard deviation for professional development is 64%. Regarding the question how useful is the conference, 32.3 said the conference was very useful. Then 38% of the creation said that they were quite useful. The next group stated that the seminar was not very useful. The other group of 14.7%. said that the conference was not all useful. Regarding the opinions on the conf erences, 8.3% of the 300 population said that the conferences were too formal. The next group stated that the conference was about right belong to 79.7%. Then another 12%. said it was too informal.INSTITUTE PUBLICATIONS (Please circle one response only)When asks about the absolute frequency of the institute magazine, 9% said they were too few while another 81% said they were unspoilt right and another 10% stated that they were just too many.Of the total 300 population, 35.7% indicated they very comfortable while 39.7% said they were quite satisfied with the limit of the institute magazine. Another 14.7% said they were dissatisfied with the content of the institute magazine. The very dissatisfied group is only 10%. The mean is .99. The standard deviation is 95%. The respondents said, the mean for the survey on information on conference is 2 and the standard deviation is 78%. The information on local events survey resulted to 2.13 mean. This generated the standard deviation of 76% . Of the question relating to institute developments, the mean is 2.02. The standard deviation in this situation is 79%. Relating to the topic recruitment

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Improving our Ethical performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Improving our Ethical performance - Essay Example(Annual report, 2004, swisslife)When a large retailer like TESCO is considered, one can find that they made ethical trading an constitutional part of the way they do business. They took care that the buyers, technical managers and ethical trading team to work with their suppliers to upheld project standards in the supply chain. The company have obtained a core regarding Ethical issues.TESCO started implementing ethical issues in business and ended up in making their staff earn more while the get by market was jittering. This was made possible to make staff to save while they earn. (Social responsibility 2006).The company started put in Kenyan flower supply base, South African wine producing and Dominican banana producing. The enthronisation in these areas has linked the productin with social responsibility. As a result the living standards of flower, wine and banana producers in the above mentioned areas were enhanced and resulte d in quality produce for the present and in future. (Social responsibility 2006)When we consider the attach and Spencers ethical issues the communication, equality and diversity pay and benefit, training and development, health, safety and well being, business ethics were considered in the ethical practices. (2006, work place, Marks & Spencer)The communication between the management, suppliers and the emp... result the living standards of flower, wine and banana producers in the above mentioned areas were enhanced and resulted in quality produce for the present and in future. (Social responsibility 2006) When we consider the tag and Spencers ethical issues the communication, equality and diversity pay and benefit, training and development, health, safety and well being, business ethics were considered in the ethical practices. (2006, work place, Marks & Spencer)The communication between the management, suppliers and the employees was well maintained to share knowledge that helps i n the promotion of the business. By retaining the culturally and socially diverse work force the company is maintained equality and diversity in maintenance of the work force. The pay and benefits for the employees were at the right level and they are prepossessing for the people who want to join it. This made the employees feel secure and work for the promotion of the business as the company is maintaining continuous communication with the employees to be attentive. The company took care of training and development issues of the employees, which made them, develop their skills according to the need of the hour. It is taking care of health and safety and well being of their employees which makes the absence payable to illness scarce. Along with the company the employees and suppliers are made to behave and trade ethically while works for and trading with the company. 2. Comparison of TESCO and Marks and SpencersWhen we compare marks and Spencers regarding their ethical trade pract ices the similarity lies in maintaining good-humored relations with employees and suppliers by communicating and taking care of them. The communicating with employees is a difference of marks and Spencers from that of

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Eagles Nest Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Eagles live Inc - Essay ExampleAn investing plan is a future surgical process where a company plans the milestones they want and hope to achieve (Davidson, 2003, p 1). This implementation plan is majorly based on the monetary segment of the Eagles Nest Inc. Eagles Nest Inc is a chain of hotels and motels across the globe. They lose over twenty there outlets worldwide which means they have a brand reputation to sustentation and profits to make to maintain the hotels. The implementation plan is based on their two main ideas of increase profits that is creating a fitness centre where clients who stay in the hotel can exercise. Secondly, they want to organize most night events to encourage clients to stay in the hotels, enjoy and come back easily and frequently. This article examines the financial implementation plan of Eagles Nest Inc. Overview of the Investment Idea being implemented This implementation plan is for the Eagles Nest Inc. the hotel has a chain of twenty-seven, thr ee stars hotels, and motels worldwide. The implementation plan is significant in the generation of ideas for new run in the hotels and motels to generate more profit than before. In addition, the plan is supposed to enhance the hotels image globally. saucy services that could increase sales include night events and fitness room. Therefore, this implementation plan is majorly for the finance department. Impacts on the Financial Department The financial department is the most affected since news services means more expenditure in the financial department.... Finally, the investment idea will affect negatively the financial department in that commodities like water, electricity, and cleaning detergents will be used more often and in boastful quantities than before. The investment idea ensures more clients hence more activities and more expenses in the hotels and motels globally. Time Plan worldly concern of job positions 1 week (duration) Start week 2 Lasts for 1 week No quag Adve rtisements of job vacancies 1 month Week 10 Week 13 4 years die away small listing of candidates 1 week Week 14 Week 15 3 geezerhood dilatory low gear interviews 2 weeks Week 16 Week 17 3 years slack Second interviews 2 weeks Week 18 Week 19 2 geezerhood slack Short listing of successful candidates 1 week Week 21 Week 22 5 days slack orientation 1 week Week 30 Week 31 2 days slack Job placement 2 weeks Week 35 Week 37 9 days slack Links and Dependencies Departments must depend on each other for the improvement and implementation of the investment idea. Dependant on Precursor to Creation of job positions Number of available staff. Number of available vacancies. lag to create the job descriptions. -advertisement placements. -Financial position of the company. Advertisements of job vacancies --job vacancies available. -the media outlet used for advertisement. -short listing of candidates. Short listing of candidates -applications received. -First interviews. -Second interviews . First interviews - Qualifications of applicants. -second interviews Second interviews -Qualifications of applicants. -Interviewers training. -Short listing of successful candidates. Short listing of successful candidates -arrival of short listed candidates. -Competency of the short listed candidates. -orientation.

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Human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Human pick management - Essay ExampleHofstede studied the attitudes and working set of more than 116,000 IBM employees working in over 40 countries. Using factor analysis of gathered data, Hofstede shows that there are five dimensions that could not be appointd with other factors. Based on his results, he argues that national culture has an effect on attitudes and values related to workers or employees.Every country chooses a specific management system however, it cannot reflect the priorities of a nation. The system may prevail by a military unitful subculture due to the ability to locate its module at the high levels of the organisation. Therefore, a predominant subculture can maintain to create a cultural imperialism. The reconcile was discussed by cross-cultural researchers only from the perspective of the countrys lateralisation over the country and not from the perspective of cultures dominance over the other culture (McSweeney, 2002, 56).The issue of choosing appropri ate levels of analysis is the most significant challenge set about Hofstedes theory. McSweeney, (2002, 55) argues that any theory should be based on detailed description levels. Hofstedes findings describe the features. They clarify some of the cultural and behavioural paradigms in organisation of different countries. Hofstede classified the five cultural dimensions as follows (Hofstede, 2001, 56)Power distance Based on this dimension, countries are different in terms how they track inequality. Some countries allow inequality to grow so that there is a difference in power and wealth. In such cultures, there is disagreement between subordinates and authority.Uncertainty avoidance This is regarded with how society members deal with the prox risk possibilities. The dimension describes attempts of society to attain a certain level where they feel they are in a conflicting situation. Cultures with high UAI consist of people who

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Assignment 5 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 9

5 - duty assignment ExampleThe graph shows that the percentages of the native speaker contact were higher in all the categories above. The findings are that a native speaker interlocutor achieves greater accuracy and systematicity with the prentice since the interviewers native expression shares the same quail morphemes as those of the learner. The native speaker achieves higher percentage in plural and person singular over the non-native speaker. The percentages mean that a learner will learn to pronounce plural and singular words give out when a native interlocutor teaches them to pronounce the words.The second graph depicts the effects of NNS and NS interlocutors on target language utterances of free morphemes on a learner in copula, the suspicious article and definite article categories. The NNS interlocutor achieves higher percentages in all categories as compared to NS speaker. An NNS interlocutor will enable a learner to plug into sentences accurately better using joi ning verbs or copula. The difference in learning the curve of indefinite articles between the NNS and NS is very minimal. An NNS interlocutor will enable a learner to use the definite article, the in a better way than an NS interlocutor. In conclusion, an NNS will effectively teach a learner to deal a better sentence structure while an NS interlocutor will teach a learner to pronounce the sentences and achieve

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Hero Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Hero - Essay ExampleMoreover, they have the right skills and training that give notice make a difference and finally, keep on working towards their goals, even after several hindrances. courage can be achieved in several aspects depending on the particular field the hero is leased in. several(prenominal) figures in the society have made particular efforts that have been given higher dignity and deference for the efforts they have done. The general public, however, has a negative perception with the regard to extreme sports (Smith. rake 5). They despise the pack who choose to take risks considering them as careless adrenaline junkies who are eventually an affliction to the society. These taxpayers add that when a person involves himself in risks and becomes in need of salvage or gets injured, the expenses for their rescue are catered for by the taxpayers (Smith. line 10). For instance, backcountry salvage after skiers cause an avalanche will cost them a thousand of dollars. Skate boarders also involve themselves in sporting activities that result to great damage to both public and private property and imperfection to the correspondent skateboarders. Several discussions have been brought up at great length in the media, scarcely the discussions seldom focus on the negative aspects that limit the access to the sports that are risky.Despite all these factors, most of the raft around the globe are, fairly to say, love to do well. People, at the very least, try to follow a kind of secular golden rule that translates to try not to make any harm but in most communities around the world there are some people who take this to a further step that is extreme. These kinds of persons are considered social entrepreneurs and some of them end up being famous, at least in several circles (Moore. line 1). For instance, some people have played the role of the corporation in supporting local development. According to (Yunus.

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Impressions of Visiting Vatican Museum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Impressions of Visiting Vatican Museum - Essay ExampleBefore going into the particular sensations that my senses felt, it is necessary to pay back to describe the determine with relation to the mood that I had upon arriving at the Vatican museum. The mood itself was a mixture of feelings that helped to make sense to the overall experience and the level to which I can recall it. Firstly, I was exhausted from my travels. Secondly, I was degenerate from standing in line under the hot Italian sun for over an hour. Thirdly, I was excite to realize the fact that finally, I was going to be able to realize my dream. And lastly, upon get into the museum itself, I was in pure amazement. What greeted my senses was fewthing that is difficult to retell while keeping the experience as powerful as it was to me. Upon entering the museum, I remember the distinct smells that I encountered. It was an interesting medley that recalled the smell of an air conditioner that had just been glowering o n for the first time of the season mixed with the powdery smell that stone buildings often have. What was noticeably remarkable was the fact that the museum did not smell like a museum. Instead, it smelled more sterile. This had the combined effect of sanely distancing the exhibits from the reach of the visitor. Had the location smelled more like a museum, it is likely that I would have in some way met at least a few of my prior expectations regarding the exhibits housed within. One factor that detracted from the overall experience was the sheer number of great deal that were in the Vatican museum at the same time that I took my tour. Although I judge that such a tourist attraction would be crowded, I had no way of preparing myself for the number of people that I encountered. Unfortunately, at times, the crush of the crowd did direct away from the overall experience as I felt that at certain times I was being herded through the museum without having the necessary time to take i n the setting and/or the artwork that greeted me.

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Research about the Radiation Safety Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Research about the Radiation Safety - taste ExampleThis paper aims at discussing radiotherapy and its safety, how radiation can be measured, how it affects the lives of human cosmoss and how these negative personal effects can be reduced. Radiation is majorly categorized into either non-ionizing or ionizing radiation. This classification is done in unity to whether the radiation ionizes or does not ionize vernacular compound matter. A radiation that ionizes ordinary chemical substance matter is referred to as ionizing radiation while that that does not cause ionization to chemical matter is cognize as non-ionizing radiation. The term radiation is under various circumstances used in referring to ionizing radiations. The most common forms of ionizing radiation are roentgenograms and gamma rays (Gale and Lax 123). However, radiation might also be used in referring to non-ionizing radiations such as microwaves, radio waves, heat, or visible light. During radiation, wave radiate or particles travel onward from the source in every direction. This characteristic enables a technique of physical units and measurements applicable in two ionizing and non-ionizing radiations (Pettigrew 98). Both forms of radiations power trail an inverse-square law that relates to its sources distance. This is because of the fact that both types of radiation tend to expand as they travel through space. This law only applies when the radiation is change of location in a vacuum. Radiation with the required high cipher has the cap cogency of knocking electrons off atoms so creating ions. As much as both types of radiations can be dangerous to living organisms, ionizing radiation is by far more dangerous per unit of energy deposited. This is because even the powers from law ionizing radiations sop up the capability of do DNA damage in living things. Because the cells of living things and DNA in the cell can be negatively affected by the ionization, then this type of radiation can easily lead to higher(prenominal) chances of getting cancer. Given that a single living cell consists of billions of atoms, only a small constituent of the atoms will be affected by radiation with low powers (Gale and Lax 187). Therefore, the possibility of cancer being caused by ionizing radiation on the amount of radiation that has been absorbed and the sensitivity of the tissue or organism. Particles and photons the energy of more than 10 electron volts (eV) should be referred to as ionizing. Beta particles, gamma rays, cosmic rays, X-rays, and alpha particles have enough energy that can ionize atoms. Free electrons can also be ionizing due to their ability have attraction with matter. Free electrons might occur as a result of ionization. Ionizing radiations originate from X-ray tubes, radioactive materials, particle accelerators, and some also naturally exist in the environment. Ionizing radiation is usually unseeyn and cannot be easily detected by any of the other four human senses. This is the reason as to why the equipment like Geiger counters are always needed to detect the presence of ionizing radiations. Ionizing radiation can be might lead to the production of some visible light when they interact with matter, as experienced during radio-luminescence and Cherenkov radiation ionizing radiation can be used in many ways in the field of care for but can be a health hazard if not used in an capture way (Kudriashov 145). Exposing someone to ionizing radiation can result to the damage of his/ her living tissues. Higher doses of exposure to